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    Name Brand Promotional Pens

    Name Brand Promotional Pens
     Why buy name brand pens and pay more?
    Everyone uses pens.  The question is which pens do people keep for personal use and which ones do people pick up and use when there is no other?  When used as promotional items, there can be arguments for and against using quality pens.
    The argument for using quality pens as promotional items is, the better a pen writes and feels, the more likely a pen will be desired.  Pen ink can be thought of like house paint.  The higher the quality, the better the application and durability.  The ink that is in higher quality pens such as Bic, Paper Mate, Sharpie, Expo, and uni-balls is of very high quality.  It writes smoothly and does not smudge or bleed easily. 
    Secondly, quality pens are ergonomic.  Brand name promotional pens typically have a great feel to them.  They are well balanced, have weight and fit comfortably in hand. Thirdly, a quality pen is put together well.  They use metal parts that fit tightly together and do not come apart.  The spring load is smooth and never malfunctions.
    However, when pens are used for promoting a message, you may want the pen to go hand to hand.  You want as many people as possible to see your message.  You don’t want one person to keep the pen.  That’s when there is a happy medium of quality imported pens that write decently (do not skip, fade, etc), feel good in the hand and are well put together.  True that you’re not going to get Parker ink cartridges in the average import, but you will get something that is “good enough” to use but not so good to keep.  This way the pen travels around!
    Sometimes there are cases where you may want a target audience to keep a pen, such as a dentist may want his clients to always have his information handy.  So make the decision.  What is your  target audience and do you want more than one person to have a single pen in their hand?
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