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    Returns & Exchanges

    • Non-Returnable Items. Except in the case of manufacturing defects, we are unable to accept returns on personalized promotional items.  We suggest ordering a physical sample if you are unsure of what a finished product may feel, look or perform like.
    • Pre-Production Cancellation. In the event you change your mind about your order during pre-production, please contact our contact our customer care department for a full refund. However, once your order has been completed with your custom request, we are unable to refund your purchase price.
    • Disclosure of Fees. Some blank items are subject to a restocking fee. Returns on undamaged blank items may require an average of 10% to 20% restocking fee. This fee is based solely on the fee requirements of our suppliers. Because we do business with an ever-changing list of 600+ suppliers, each with different fee policies, any required restocking fee will be communicated to the customer in advance of the order.
    • Responsibility for Shipping. Our supplier will arrange for pickup of any misprinted, damaged or defective items at no cost to you. The items will then be inspected for damage and defects.  At that point, we will refund or redo the order.
    • Window of Returns. Please check your order for defects immediately upon arrival, as there are no returns after 15 days from receipt of order.
    • Securing an RMA/Return Authorization. In the event that you receive misprinted or incorrect merchandise, please contact our customer care department for assistance.
    • Required Condition of Returned Items. Returned items must be in new, saleable condition.
    • Receiving Your Refund. Method of refund depends primarily on the method of initial payment. Credit card orders will be refunded to the same credit card of purchase.


    If after reading these guidelines, you have a specific question regarding any issue, please contact our customer care department for explanation or assistance.

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