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    Koozie® Collapsible Bottle Kooler

    Prices From $ 3.74 to $ 4.29
    Minimum: 150
    Item #: 45067
    Collapsible KOOZIE (R) Bottle Kooler. Fits 16 to 20 oz. water bottles and longnecks and has an aluminum carabiner clip and has no-tear binding. Made of polyester with foam backing.
    23% off

    Koozie® Summit Collapsible Can Kooler

    Prices From $ 1.68 to $ 1.93
    Minimum: 200
    Item #: 45082
    Summit Collapsible KOOZIE(R) Can Kooler with no tear binding. Made of polyester with foam backing. Collapsible KOOZIE (R) can kooler will help to make your next promotion a success!
    23% off

    Koozie® Deluxe Collapsible Can Kooler

    Prices From $ 1.48 to $ 1.69
    Minimum: 200
    Item #: 45231
    You'll welcome new clients and prospects into the fold with the deluxe collapsible KOOZIE Can Kooler! Measuring 3 7/8W x 5 1/4H, each one features a tough, light, leather-like exterior, which is a combination of vinyl and sponge PVC material. When you're done using it, it folds down so quickly and it sized perfectly to fit into a pocket, purse and more. Choose from an assortment of product colors and take advantage of our imprinting process!
    20% off

    Koozie® Business Card Can Kooler

    Prices From $ 2.12 to $ 2.42
    Minimum: 200
    Item #: 46096
    Business Card Koozie (R) Can Kooler. A great leave behind or client gift, it features a clear plastic window that holds a standard 2" x 3.5" business card and it comes with a 'Hello my name is' card inserted. Made of high quality wetsuit-like material.
    26% off

    Koozie® Neoprene Zip-Up Bottle Kooler

    Prices From $ 3.28 to $ 3.76
    Minimum: 200
    Item #: 46105
    Neoprene Zip-Up Bottle Koozie (R) Kooler. It fits most 12 oz. long neck bottles and is made of high-quality wet-suit like material. It folds flat - perfect for mailings.

    Beverage Insulator Cooler Pocket Can Coolies

    Prices From $ 0.57 to $ 1.30
    Minimum: 100
    Item #: SL-1020
    The pocket can coolie is a collapsible can holder made with 5mm thick foam that's laminated with cloth on the inside and out. Can coolers are great giveaways at conventions, sporting events, picnics and trade shows. It is collapsible to store easily in pocket or purse. It will hold a 12 oz. can. Choose from among the variety of color choices and have your company name or logo custom imprinted for brand building opportunity. What a great way to 'wrap' up your next promotional event!

    can cooler

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