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    Are custom sticky notes a good promotional product giveaway?

    Are custom sticky notes a good promotional product giveaway?

    By Richard Wallace



    You have seen those people before.  Walk into their office and every square inch of their monitor is covered with sticky notes!  It is as if they do not have a way to manage tasks on a PC and need the bright yellow note plastered in front of their face.  Not only that, if they write a note for someone else, they must do it on a sticky note as well.  Emails and task managers just will not suffice! No worries!  To each his own on how to get the job done.  The good news is, it is a definite economical opportunity to advertise a business or organization!


    Here are some ideas on how to promote using custom sticky notes:

    1. Write an additional note or information to a form or document a client or prospect is being handed. It will serve as a reminder and show a ton of professionalism.
    2. Stick them on car windows with a creative business secret reminder.  We do not condone illegal soliciting.  :)
    3. Hand the entire custom sticky note pads out as gifts to potential and current customers and/or clients.
    4. Leave them on bulletin boards, front doors, and any other target customer site.

    Here are some different types of sticky notes that can be customized:




    Sticky Notes & Flags


    You can even order custom-shaped sticky notes in any shape you want.  Call or chat for more details.

    Another detail to consider when buying custom sticky notes is your imprint.  Most standard sticky notes will have the organization's name at the top, a ghost image of a logo in the middle (so it can be written over) and the phone, web address, and location address at the bottom. 


    Case Study: Boosting Brand Visibility with Customized Sticky Notes

    Client: BrightPath Education Center

    Challenge: BrightPath Education Center, a budding educational institute, sought an effective way to increase their brand visibility in the local community. They wanted a promotional product that was not only useful but also had the potential for frequent and prominent display.

    Solution: Save Your Ink, Inc. proposed customized sticky notes as an innovative promotional product. These sticky notes were designed to be visually appealing, featuring BrightPath's vibrant logo and contact information, along with motivational quotes related to education and learning.


    • Design: The sticky notes were crafted in BrightPath’s brand colors with a clear, legible logo and website URL.
    • Distribution: The sticky notes were distributed to students, parents, and teachers at local school events, education fairs, and within the center.
    • Utility: Encouraging users to use them for note-taking, reminders, or as bookmarks, increasing the likelihood of daily use and visibility.


    • Increased Brand Recognition: Teachers, students, and parents frequently used the sticky notes, resulting in increased brand visibility. The motivational quotes sparked conversations, further enhancing brand recall.
    • Positive Feedback: Recipients appreciated the practicality of the product, associating the BrightPath brand with usefulness and thoughtfulness.
    • Community Engagement: The sticky notes were noticed by local businesses and other educational institutions, leading to inquiries about collaboration and partnerships.

    Conclusion: Customized sticky notes proved to be an effective promotional tool for BrightPath Education Center. Their practicality ensured frequent use and visibility, aiding in brand recall and recognition. This case study demonstrates how a simple yet thoughtfully designed promotional product can yield significant marketing benefits.

    This case study shows the effectiveness of a well-chosen promotional product in enhancing brand visibility and engagement. Sticky notes, due to their utility and visibility, can be a potent tool in a company's promotional arsenal.

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