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    Custom Waterless Tattoos for Every Business

    Custom Waterless Tattoos for Every Business

    By Richard Wallace


    One of the most overlooked fun promotional items is custom waterless tattoos.  In most cases, sports teams, school, and other team related industries have purchased these tattoos.  A growing number of organizations are realizing now that promotional tattoos can be fun for any business.  Organizations in the medical field dealing with children have given great feedback on the success of giving tattoos to their child patients.  The children love them, and it makes the doctor or dentist experience much more pleasurable.  Kids have actually asked to go back to the dentist, so they can get more tattoos.  Other kids that see the tattoos want some of their own and want to know where they came from! This is pediatrics marketing at its finest. 

    Other organizations such as sororities, fraternities, construction (remodels), counseling, psychology, television networks, food and beverage, movies and many more have also enjoyed these fun promos.

    The custom printed waterless and temporary tattoos are one of the least expensive promotional products on the market. You can buy literally thousands for pennies each. Although temporary, they create the desire, from mostly children, to want to come back for more.


    Waterless tattoos come in many sizes and can be printed in full color, so you can get your exact full color logo without compromise. The tattoos are FDA approved and CPSC Compliant 4 color process inks.

    3x3 Temporary Custom Waterless Tattoos


    In regard to the products themselves, waterless tattoos versus water applied tattoos have gained incredible popularity due to their ease of application. Simply remove white protective cover sheet. Carefully apply tattoo face down on clean oil free skin. Press down evenly on the back of the tattoo for 30 seconds. Press down for an additional 10 seconds on the corner you intend to peel the tattoo from. They can be removed with baby oil in seconds.

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