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    Why use blue ink promotional pens?

    Why use blue ink promotional pens?

    By Richard Wallace


    The answer is easier than one might think.  One might think since all attorneys prefer blue ink cartridges in their pens for signing legal documents that it is required by law.  You will be happy to know that is not the case. Yes, the contract you just signed in crayon will still hold up in court.

    The main reason blue ink is used is so that it is easy to decipher between photocopies and the original document.  This helps to ensure that when copies are being passed out, the original is not given away in the mix.  The quality of the ink does not really play a huge role although you do want the signatures to be clean and legible however, most attorneys use a higher quality pen when signing documents to avoid any issues and to have a smooth writing experience.  When ordering blue ink promotional pens to advertise their firm, they typically do not use a high-end executive pen.  Some attorneys allow clients to keep their pens to spread their brand as well as portray professionalism.  A popular middle of the road blue ink promotional pen that writes great is the Bic Grip Roller Pens.  Unless you have very deep pockets and can afford to hand out collectors pens or even executive pens as promos, the cheaper alternatives are the way to go.

    Another purpose attorneys use blue ink when signing documents is to easily decipher between the black type on the page and the signatures and dates.  While there is no need to sign in blood to make a contract legally binding, there is a need to be able to see if the contract is signed clearly.  Back to red…  Why not use red ink?  Well because it is literally too much like blood or a bad grade on a school paper.  It has negative connotations. 

    The most popular blue ink promo pens are the InkJoy pens by Paper Mate. InkJoy revolutionizes the writing experience by combining the best qualities of ballpoint and gel pen technologies. InkJoy offers vivid colors, incredible smoothness and a fast dry-time to help avoid messy smearing. A wide variety of colors give you maximum flexibility. InkJoy is the synthesis of the functional and the emotional. When you pick up this pen, it is not just how it writes . . . but how the pen makes you feel when you write.

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