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    1.75 oz Chocolate Bar

    Prices From $ 2.34 to $ 2.55
    Minimum: 250
    Item #: WB1-34
    Make this custom chocolate wrapper bar a part of your next promotion to draw more people to your place of business. It's a custom-molded 1 3/4 oz. milk or dark gourmet chocolate bar made fresh in our facility. It measures 5" W x 2" H and you can add amazing full-color artwork to the wrapper and sleeve for maximum visibility. This is great to broaden your reach at a tradeshow or festival. Enhance your marketing campaign with this great product.

    1/2 oz. Snack Pack - Imprinted Gumballs

    Prices From $ 1.32 to $ 1.44
    Minimum: 500
    Item #: SP-IGB
    This 1/2 oz. snack pack of imprinted gumballs will give your marketing some flavor and pop! Choose to go with a labeled bag (3" x 4") or one that has a direct imprint (4.929" x 2.5") and you've got a great way to expand your brand reach. Give this out at a fair or special event to clients and they'll share with their friends. Now, more people than ever will begin to notice your business and what you can do for them!

    1/2oz. DigiBag© with Chocolate Buttons

    Prices From $ 1.42 to $ 1.55
    Minimum: 500
    Item #: DSP-CBU
    One of the best ways to make an impact on people is to give. Filled with delicious chocolate buttons, this pouch measures 4" x 2 1/2" and is easily carried around in hand or in a purse for quick access. Great for all kinds of promotional events, the capabilities are endless for this 1/2 oz. DigiBag, as we use full color imprint to make your brand stand out. With a knockout window available to see the tasty treats, the entire bag can also be customized with your logo or artwork! Show everyone who they should trust for anything you offer!

    1/2oz. Full Color DigiBag with Assorted Fish

    Prices From $ 1.30 to $ 1.42
    Minimum: 500
    Item #: DSP-ASF
    Give people a taste of what you can offer with this bag of assorted fish. The capabilities are endless for this 1/2 oz. DigiBag, as we use full color imprinting to make your brand stand out. The entire bag can be customized with your logo or artwork! It measures 4" x 2 1/2" and isn't too cumbersome to hold. It's great as a gift to clients who visited your booth at a tradeshow to give them something to remember you by. Get started expanding your brand with this great item today!

    1/2oz. Full Color DigiBag with Imprinted Conversation Hearts

    Prices From $ 1.41 to $ 1.63
    Minimum: 500
    Item #: DSP-ICH
    The ultimate Valentine's Day candy comes in a compact bag of 4" x 2 1/2" for a quick tasty treat that recipients won't be able to put down. This 1/2 oz. full color DigiBag of imprinted conversation hearts is sure to get everyone talking. Get a full color digital print of your logo to the bag, design it with a knockout window and boldly proclaim your excellence to everyone around. When others see it, they'll come searching for you and you can give them a complete picture of your business!

    1/2oz. Full Color DigiBag© with Imprinted Chocolate Buttons

    Prices From $ 1.86 to $ 2.09
    Minimum: 500
    Item #: DSP-CUBU
    Show off your brand with every bite of these imprinted chocolate buttons in a 1/2 oz. DigiBag. This is an amazing opportunity because not only can you imprint the entire bag with a full color digital print of your artwork, but the candy itself gets your logo as well. And, they'll be able to see the treats through a knockout window! The pouch measures 4" x 2 1/2" and fits easily in hand as clients reach in for a taste. Boost your business to new heights when you use this as your next promotion!


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