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    Engaged or Disengaged? Ask your employees how they feel!

    By Richard Wallace


    One of the most costly things a corporation can face is disengaged employees. This is also one of the most overlooked issues. 

    Companies with unhappy employees have a problem. Ideally everyone on your team is on the same page and after the same mission for the organization. Realistically, that is not usually the case. One recent study found that up to 70 percent of employees report they just aren't that into their jobs. You may be asking, "what's the big deal" and you may be thinking, "not every job is a dream job." That may be true, but it doesn't mean you can't make sure you are employing satisfied people. Let's look at some of the ways these unhappy workers affect your company. We all know when you catch wind or a bad attitude when you walk into any business, it's a sure way to make sure you never return to that business. If someone isn't interested in something or doesn't have any concern for the end result, you can bet they will do their jobs half way. Not to mention you are looking at more sick time and a higher chance of them walking out on you, leaving you looking for a replacement on the quick. This all costs you money, with no return. Where there is a problem, you must have a solution. 

    Though we are not corporate management training experts, we do have extremely happy employees and a happy workplace. We have processes and management that focus solely on driving our employees and team building in ways that work for our company. We would love to help you revamp your employee attitudes, but this is not what we are here for. You will have work on that on your end. We do know that a large majority of our customers are employers looking for way to focus on company-wide engagement. We talk to customers who make happy employees their focus and work on it daily. They use promotional products as incentives in a regular part of their program.

    Now, as much as we love selling promotional products; promotional products alone are not the end all be all solution. Experts suggests starting with opening up your line of communication with employees and building trust. It is imperative for employers to make real connections with their employees on a personal level, provide transparency and authenticity, and really relate to them to build relationships.
    Do your research and make sure you are focusing on the core of your company, your employees! Promotional products can have a very important role in the building blocks of a more engaged workplace. However, this does require that we make recommendations that are personal, individual and meaningful. Call us today to talk about solutions!

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