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    How to Get Custom Pens Fast?

    How to Get Custom Pens Fast?

    By Richard Wallace


    In a world where time is of the essence, getting your custom pens fast can be crucial for your business's promotional needs. Whether it’s for a last-minute event or a quick-turnaround marketing campaign, knowing the right steps to expedite your order can make all the difference. Here is a step-by-step guide to ensure you get your custom pens quickly, efficiently, and without sacrificing quality.

    Step 1: What are the Requirements for Custom Pens Overnight?

    Getting custom pens fast begins with a clear understanding of your specific needs. This first step is all about identifying the urgency and exact requirements for custom pen orders. Whether you need 1 day rush custom pens or 48 hour custom pens, defining these details upfront is crucial. Here are the key considerations when producing logo pens fast: 

    1. Assess Material and Pen Style Preferences:

      Determine the type of material preferred. Are you looking for durable metal pens for a high-end feel, practical and cost-effective plastic pens, or are you looking for custom eco-friendly pens to align with your company's sustainability goals? Material and style preferences may impact production time.
    2. Choose Ink Cartridge Color:

      Decide on the ink cartridge color for the pens. Standard black or blue ink personalized pens are preferable simply because they are available in a wider selection.
    3. Utilize Website Search Filters:

      To make this process quick and efficient, search filters are available to narrow the selection. Specifically, navigate to the ‘1 day rush pens’ category. From there, filter for pens by material type, ink color, pen color, and other features to quickly find options that meet the criteria. This is significant in finding the perfect pen.
    4. Define Delivery Time Constraints:

      While making selections, the urgency of the order is key information with regard to promotional pens with fast delivery at the best price. If the in hands date is flexible, there can be various combinations between production times and shipping methods to meet the deadline at the most cost effective price.

    By taking the time to meticulously define custom pen needs at the outset, the stage is set for a smoother, quicker ordering process. This step is essential to ensure that an order for custom pens overnight, or any other rush service is processed efficiently, meeting the exact requirements and deadlines.

    Step 2: Order Your Express Pens

    When placing your order for custom pens, it's essential to understand to choose the right shipping method and understand production times.

    1. Choose the Right Shipping Method:

      Carefully select the appropriate shipping method to meet your deadline. Depending on your deadline, you may need to opt for expedited shipping to ensure timely delivery. Keep in mind that the production time for custom pens overnight is separate from the shipping time. Therefore, choosing expedited shipping might be necessary to meet your specific deadline. If you're unsure which option to choose, don’t hesitate to contact us via chat or phone for guidance. Our team is ready to assist you in selecting the most efficient shipping method for your rush order.
    2. Understanding 24-Hour Rush Service:

      It's important to note that opting for 24 hour rush promotional pens does not imply same-day shipping. Instead, it means that your pens will be processed and ready to ship the next business day, provided your order meets the product's specific cutoff deadline. This distinction is crucial for planning and setting realistic expectations.

    Step 3: Fast-Track Your Design Approval

    Streamlining the 24 Hour Custom Pens Art Approval Process for Efficiency: Fast-tracking your design approval is a critical step in ensuring the prompt delivery of your custom pens. Art proof turnaround is typically within an hour, making it possible to expedite this phase of your order. Here are key points to keep in mind after submitting your artwork:

    1. Receiving Your PDF Art Proof:

      Once our art team has prepared your art proof, we will email you a PDF art proof for your review and approval. The art proof is a visual representation of your final product, and your prompt approval is essential to avoid any delays in the production process.  
    2. Text Message Notifications:

      To ensure you are promptly informed, we will send a text/SMS message notification to your mobile once the art proof has been emailed. It's strongly encouraged to leave a mobile number when placing an order and take advantage of this immediate notification service.
    3. Check for Art Proof Emails:

      Occassionly, emails can get caught in spam/junk filters. If you do not see the art proof email in your inbox, please check your spam or junk folder. Timely detection and approval of the art proof are crucial for receiving personalized pens fast.
    4. Prompt Response is Key:

      To keep the approval process as efficient as possible, it's advised to reply to texts and emails immediately. However, if we do not hear back from you in a timely manner, we will attempt to reach out to you via phone call to ensure the process stays on track.
    5. Contact Us If Necessary:

      If for any reason you have not received the art proof email within an hour of placing an order, please contact us immediately. We are here to assist you and ensure that your order for custom pens fast stays on schedule. 

    By promptly approving your art proofs and maintaining open communication, you play a vital role in the speedy delivery of your custom pens. Our streamlined process for art proof approval is designed to ensure your custom pens rush order is processed quickly and efficiently, meeting your urgent needs without any compromise on quality.

    Step 4: Opt for One-Color Imprints for 24 Hour Promotional Pens Quicker Production

    Understanding the Time-Saving Advantage of One-Color Imprints: When your priority is getting custom pens quickly, choosing one-color imprints can significantly expedite the production process. Here's why one-color imprints are faster and how multi-color options can impact your timeline:

    1. Drying Time Between Colors:

      The key reason one-color imprints are quicker is due to the drying time required for each color applied. After printing the first color, the pens need to dry completely before applying a second color. This drying process is essential to avoid smudging and to ensure the quality of the print. Each additional color adds an extra day to the production timeline due to this required drying period.
    2. Multi-Color Imprints and Production Time:

      While we can certainly accommodate multi-color imprints in a rush, they may not qualify for 1-day production. If your design requires multiple colors, it's important to plan for additional production time. Each color beyond the first extends the production schedule by one day.
    3. Shipping Considerations for Multi-Color Orders:

      If your order includes multi-color imprints and you’re working with a tight deadline, you may need to opt for a faster shipping method to meet your delivery needs. It's essential to factor in this additional production time when choosing your shipping option.
    4. Ideal for Tight Deadlines:

      For urgent needs, such as rush pens, one-color imprints are your best bet. This approach ensures that your pens are ready for the next stages of packing and shipping without unnecessary delays.
    5. Balancing Color and Time Constraints:

      If time allows, multi-color imprints are a great option and can add a vibrant touch to your promotional pens. However, if you're under a strict deadline, it's advisable to go with one-color imprints to ensure your pens are produced and delivered swiftly.

    In conclusion, selecting one-color imprints when placing your custom pens rush order is a strategic decision that can significantly reduce production time. This choice is particularly crucial for services like custom pens overnight where every hour counts. For multi-color imprints, just remember to account for the extra day per color in production and consider expedited shipping to meet your deadlines.

    Step 5: Branded Pens Next Day Delivery Cutoff Times

    Preparation and Precision: The Key to Meeting Deadlines: Confirming and adhering to production cutoff times is crucial in ensuring the timely delivery of your custom pens. This step is particularly important for services like personalised pens quick delivery.

    1. Understanding the Importance of Cutoff Times for 24 Hour Rush Promotional Pens:

      Production cutoff times are the deadlines by which your order and approvals must be completed to ensure your pens can be printed the next day. Meeting these times is essential for keeping your order on track for fast turnaround services like rush pens.
    2. Pre-Print Preparations:

      Behind the scenes, a significant amount of preparation goes into getting your pens ready for printing. For screen printing, this involves several critical steps that must be completed before the actual printing can begin:
      • Film Creation: Each design requires a film to be created. This film is used to develop the screen that will be used in the printing process.
      • Screen Development: The film is then used to create a screen. This screen is essential for transferring your design onto the pens accurately.
      • Ink Mixing: Custom ink colors need to be mixed to match your design specifications precisely. This process is crucial for ensuring that the colors of your rush printed pens are consistent and vibrant.
      • Inventory Preparation: The specific pens to be printed must be pulled from inventory and prepared for the printing process. This step ensures that everything is in place and ready for production to begin as soon as possible.
    3. Why Timeliness Matters for Personalized Pens Fast Delivery:

      Missing the production cutoff time can lead to a delay in these preparatory steps, pushing the actual printing of your pens to a later date. This can impact the delivery time, especially if you require promotional pens with a quick delivery.
    4. Proactive Communication: Custom Pens Fast Shipping

      To avoid delays, it’s important to communicate proactively with us. If you’re unsure about the cutoff times for services like personalized pens overnight, don’t hesitate to reach out for clarification.
    5. Planning for Success:

      By being aware of and meeting the production cutoff times, you play a crucial role in the smooth execution of your rush order. This foresight ensures that all preparatory work is completed in time, setting the stage for the prompt production and delivery of your imprinted pens.

    In summary, understanding and adhering to production cutoff times is vital for ensuring the success of your rush pen order. By ensuring your order is in before these cutoffs, you enable us to efficiently manage the pre-printing preparations, leading to a successful and timely delivery of your logo pens, be it for a rush production personalized pens order or a standard personalized pens with fast shipping request.

    Step 6: Track Your Custom Pens Fast Delivery Order

    Staying Informed Every Step of the Way: Keeping a close eye on your order's progress is an essential step in the process, especially when dealing with tight deadlines for custom pens. Being updated on the whereabouts of your order not only gives you peace of mind but also helps in planning for its arrival.

    1. Receiving Tracking Information:

      Once your custom pens are dispatched, tracking information will be sent to you via email. This tracking number is crucial for monitoring the shipment's journey and estimated arrival time.
    2. Checking Your Email Thoroughly:

      It’s important to regularly check your email for the tracking information. Keep in mind that sometimes emails can be filtered into the spam or junk folder, so if you don’t see the tracking details in your inbox, make sure to look there as well.
    3. Understanding Tracking Timelines for Rush Pen Orders:

      For orders with extremely tight turnarounds, such as 1 day production and next day delivery, tracking information might be provided later in the process. In some cases, you may receive the tracking details the night before or even on the day of delivery. This is due to the expedited nature of these orders, where the order ships on a given night, the tracking is emailed to you automatically either that night or the next day of delivery.
    4. Preparing for the Arrival of Your Order:

      Having the tracking information allows you to plan for the receipt of your shipment. This is especially important for time-sensitive orders like personalized pens with fast shipping, where receiving the pens promptly can be crucial for your events or campaigns.
    5. Contact Us for Any Discrepancies:

      If you do not receive your tracking information within the expected time frame, or if you encounter any discrepancies in the tracking updates, contact us immediately. Our customer service team is on hand to assist and ensure that your order is on track.
    6. Anticipating Delivery for Rush Orders:

      For services like custom pens overnight, be prepared for a quick turnaround. The delivery of your pens may happen faster than usual, and having someone available to receive the shipment can be crucial.

    In summary, actively tracking your order is a key component of the ordering process.  By staying informed about your order's shipping status and being proactive in checking for tracking information, you can ensure a seamless and timely receipt of your custom pens. Remember, our team at Save Your Ink, Inc. is always here to help with any questions or concerns regarding your order's progress.

    Step 7: Receive and Review

    Final Inspection:

    Once received, promptly inspect your pens to ensure they meet your quality standards and requirements.



    Case Study: BrightTech Innovations’ Success with Rush Orders

    BrightTech Innovations needed various promotional items, including custom pens, for an upcoming trade show. With a tight 3 day deadline, they turned to Save Your Ink, Inc. Here’s how we ensured their success:

    1. Quick Response: Upon receiving BrightTech’s inquiry, we immediately assessed their needs for a custom pens rush order.
    2. Efficient Sourcing: We sourced materials from the nearest supply house to expedite delivery.
    3. Rapid Art Proof Approval: BrightTech quickly approved the art proofs we provided.
    4. Constant Communication: Regular updates and communication ensured a smooth process.
    5. Timely Delivery: The pens were ordered on day one, shipped the following day with overnight expedited shipping and delivered on the third day, allowing BrightTech to prepare confidently for their event.


    By following these steps, you can significantly increase the likelihood of receiving your promotional pens fast. At Save Your Ink, Inc., we specialize in providing custom pens with a quick turnaround, ensuring your business never misses an opportunity to shine. Remember, efficient planning, prompt decision-making, and clear communication are the keys to securing rush production personalized pens. With this guide, you’re well on your way to getting your custom promotional pens exactly when you need them.


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