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    What is a virtual art proof?

    We completely understand the uncertainty that can come with purchasing a product without seeing it firsthand. To alleviate this, we use virtual proofs.

    A Virtual Art Proof is a digital mock-up showcasing how the finished product will look, particularly focusing on the imprint. Created using advanced design software, this digital representation is emailed to you in a PDF format for your approval. It's a pivotal step ensuring that the end product aligns with your expectations. We won't proceed with the order or process payments until we receive your approval on this virtual proof.

    Physical Product Sample: For those who wish to get a tangible feel of the product (without the custom imprint), we can send you a physical sample. This allows you to inspect the quality, feel, and functionality of the product.

    Spec Production Sample: If you want a preview of the product with your specific imprint, we offer this service. However, there's a charge for spec samples.  That charge can vary product to product. Please contact us for pricing for a given product. If you decide to proceed with a full order post-sample, this cost will be credited towards your order. If not, the fee is non-refundable. It's crucial to note that any approved proofs that contain errors will be the responsibility of the customer.

    Our Commitment: Our aim isn't just to make sales. We strive to foster long-term relationships, ensuring our clients are thoroughly satisfied and view us as their go-to for promotional needs.

    While many of our products are standard and might not need sampling, if there's any uncertainty or if you're trying a product for the first time, we highly recommend this process. If you opt not to sample and are unsatisfied with the end product's function or printing (despite it meeting our quality standards), we request understanding on your part.

    Sometimes, tight timelines make sampling challenging. In such cases, our promotional experts are here to guide and assist in making an informed decision.

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