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    What is a PMS Color Match?

    What is PMS in Color Matching?

    PMS stands for Pantone Matching System, a unique coding system to identify every imaginable color. These codes are typically 3-4 digit numbers, though some colors, like "Process Blue", have names. This system can be referenced through a comprehensive PMS color chart.

    Brands often have dedicated PMS colors. For instance, Microsoft’s blue corresponds to PMS (279). To maintain brand consistency, Microsoft mandates this exact PMS code for all its printed materials.

    If you’re ordering promotional pens and wish for an exact color match with your logo, knowing the PMS color is crucial. This ensures uniformity, especially when ordering various promotional items.

    When selecting “PMS Match” for imprint color, indicate the specific PMS code in the comments. If unsure, share your logo, and we'll identify the match for you. Note: Additional charges may apply if we need to mix a specific PMS color not readily available in our stock.


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