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    What is full color process and spot color printing?

    We know at times that understanding printing and what types of imprint is right for your logo may be difficult. This article will help you understand.

    Screen Printing (aka Spot Color Printing)

    This process is done when your logo has one or more colors. The colors are full tone colors that are separated from each other. They have no halftones, mixes of colors, or shades. A screen is created for each color and one color at a time is printed on the promotional product. The printing machine has to be setup for each color with a screen for that color and the ink for that color. Below is an example of a logo that can be screen printed. It is a ‘4 color’ logo.

    Screen Printing Example

    Full Color Digital Printing

    If your logo does have halftones and ‘blended colors’ you may want to choose to go with full color digital printing. The printing process is much like what you would see come out of a color printer at your home or office. The only downfall is all of the full color digital promotional product printing machines on the market today can only print up to ¼ “ in height. It is great for logos that are more horizontal than vertical in size. Here is an example of a full color digital imprint logo.

    Full Color Digital Printing Example

    If you do have a full color logo and you want the imprint to be larger, then you may want to consider either sending us a spot color version of your art. If you do not have one and you don’t mind the altering of your logo, we can convert the logo for free for you. Here is an example of the full color conversions:

    Spot Process Example

    No matter what your individual case is, if it can be done, rest assured can make it happen!

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