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    When will my backorder arrive?

    At Save Your Ink, we always strive to provide accurate delivery windows for backordered items. However, there are a few things to consider:

    1. Estimated Windows: When an item is backordered, we provide an estimated shipping and arrival window. This is our best approximation based on current information.

    2. Overseas Suppliers: A significant portion of products in the promotional industry are sourced from overseas suppliers. This can sometimes introduce variables like customs clearances, international shipping delays, and other unforeseen circumstances that might affect the arrival time of your backordered item.

    3. Updates: We continuously monitor all backorders and will notify you of any significant changes to the delivery timeline.

    4. Customer Service: If you have specific concerns or if your backorder has surpassed the estimated arrival window, please contact our customer service. We're here to provide updates and address any of your concerns.

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