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    Rush Personalized Pens Policy

    Do you need pens now, fast, quick, yesterday, 24 hours, 1 day or any other way you want to say rush?


    Ordering Rush Promotional Pens

    We have a large selection of pens that can be printed, dried, packed and shipped fast!  How fast?  Within 1 day or 24 hours.  Most of all the pens that can be produced in 24 hours have plastic barrels. Plastic barrel pens have faster dry times versus other substrates such as metal.  We do have a nice selection of 1 day rush metal promotional pens that can be produced, however they would have to be engraved. This alleviates the dry time. A lot of our clients prefer engraving because of its classy look. Multi-color imprints cannot be rushed.  Each color takes a day to dry before sending it through the machine again.

    How it works

    We cannot ship the same business day.  Too much goes into pen printing; creating films, burning screens, machine setup, inking the machine, inventory pull, running the machine, drying the pens, packing the pens, and shipping the them.  We want a quality job, so there is only so much that can be rushed to do just that. Typically, if you order before 1 pm EST and approve the proof before 2 pm, we will ship the next business day.  There have been exceptions where we could squeeze orders in past the deadline.  Please contact us if this is you.  You may have to expedite shipping to ensure they arrive on time. We offer expedited shipping methods.

    Do Your Part

    We will supply a virtual proof for you to approve typically within an hour.  Please check your email often so you can reply in a timely manner and we do not lose time.  

    Shipping Methods Offered

    What good is being able to rush personalized pens, if the shipping time takes too long and you miss your deadline!?  Although we offer free ground shipping on all our writing instruments, we also offer expedited shipping to get your order when you need it.  We offer overnight, 2-day air, 3-day air and ground.  We even offer Saturday delivery to most areas.  You will need to call us for that service and price.

    Guaranteed Delivery

    We will provide a delivery date and we will guarantee we meet it, or we will allow you to return the your rush promo pens for a 100% refund. If we ship the order on time and the carrier (USP or FedEx) does not hold up their end of the bargain, we cannot be held responsible.  It is extremely rare that any carrier misses a deadline. 

    What We Charge for Rush Service

    We charge absolutely nothing in most cases when an order is placed within the above deadline.  We ask that you pay for ground shipping, versus using the free service to guarantee delivery.  Unless you need it even faster. Then we suggest using whichever expedited shipping is sufficient.

    Other Notable Warnings

    • Be aware of holidays, special closures/events and bad weather. 

    • Make sure you provide a physical address to ship to.  USP & FedEx will not ship to a PO Box.  USPS is their competitor.

    • Rural areas, remote areas may delay shipments.

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